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Welcome to Faulkner Lifestyle


Our mission is to entertain, inspire, educate and inform our community with a variety of articles that provides something of interest for everyone.


A few of our featured topics include people, business, travel, food, home, wellness, spirituality, style, events, and the arts.


We have a strong online and social media presence. We not only distribute a printed magazine in high-traffic retail and service locations, medical and dental offices, fitness facilities, boutiques, salons, coffee shops, and restaurants throughout our community; but also have live videos and regular interactions with our advertisers and our community in person and through social media.


We saturate the market on all levels so our advertisers see direct results and our audience stays connected. The two of us have over 14 years of invaluable experience in magazine, marketing, and advertising. We look forward to serving your business.

Lori Quinn & Brandy Strain-Dayer

Owners and Publishers

Leah Ashby

Feature Writer

Food Writer

Copy Editor


Xochit Hawks

Cultural Community & Travel Contributor


Patrick Jamerson

Fitness Contributor

Andrea Lennon

Spiritual Contributor

Raegan Miller

Advertising Sales

Lori Quinn

Owner & Editor

Jen Stanley

Feature Writer

Brandy Strain-Dayer

Owner &  Photography Director


Detra Clark

Wellness Contributor


Colleen Holt

Feature Writer

Lindsey Jones

Education Contributor

Linda Mars

Food Enthusiast / Contributor

Mary Etta Qualls

Cultural Community & Travel Contributor

Drew Spurgers

Contributing Writer

Robin Stauffer

Art Director

Jackie Strain-Mahar

Advertising Sales